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Morocco is a country of legend, close to us and old in the history. It is a place of changing colours which streets are full of life at night. It is a land full of mysticism and seems to move on a flying carpet in some places between myths and reality. It is located on the occidental point of North Africa, it borders the Algerian and Mauritania frontier and is at only 14Km of Spain, thanks to ...

Agadir is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the main ports of Morocco. Agadir is well known for its endless beaches and its sun present 300 days a year, its luxurious hotels, converted in one of the most important seaside cities of the country.


Ancient pirates den, mosaic of culture and influences, economic center of the Kingdom of Morocco, city of reference for artists and designers, dynamic and well orientated toward the future...

Ouarzazate is the great door opening to the Great South where men know the science of water since the mist of time, where nature converts itself in a spectacle, where the palm grove and the dunes are succeeding where the architecture of the Kasbahs reinforce the necessity of stand up to the invaders...

The North region is between two seas that cross civilizations in the confluence of two worlds, maybe a lost piece of Andalusia…the Rif, secret region; the coast is the access door to rich remains, Berber dynasties and Spanish and Portuguese conquerors.

Cultural capital of Morocco, religious centre, imperial, immemorial, impressive, heiress of the Andalusia culture, place blessed by gods, as fascinating as mysterious; Three cities in one: the ancient the semi ancient and the modern, similar to stops in the time.

Sumptuous, capricious and sensual, controlled by the majestic Atlas Mountains, the so called « the Pearl of the South » cannot fail to be impressive to the visitors and the first impression that it offers us is true to the various literary descriptions, so is it a passionate description or a deja vu? In all cases, it is simply unforgettable.


Sensed and quiet, pleasant and cosmopolitan, criss-crossed by larges flourished avenues, all in Rabat seems refine and even more organised than in the other cities. A rich historic past and an exceptional climate tend to make it ideal for its rank of politic and administrative capital of the kingdom.

It is the city by Excellency of the sovereign Moulay Ismaël, who was good as well as a tyrant. It looks proud by its majestic buildings and homely by its streets and small markets. It is a really captivating city and for those who can feel its rich historic past it could really surprise you.

Morocco a la carte
Morocco a la carte

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