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Sensed and quiet, pleasant and cosmopolitan, criss-crossed by larges flourished avenues, all in Rabat seems refine and even more organised than in the other cities. A rich historic past and an exceptional climate tend to make it ideal for its rank of politic and administrative capital of the kingdom.
It is surrounded by coloured natural ropes, mountains, and of course sumptuous impressive coloured gardens that could impress anybody. It possesses the biggest university of the country and has a lot of shops, libraries, cinemas and theatres. It is also the official supplier of carpet of the Kingdom, it is here that they make the carpets used for the prayers; they are made with designs from Persian origin.
It is perfect to relax and walk peacefully, at your leisure; you will be able to contemplate its large avenues, its administrative buildings, and its embassies that hope to get renovated one day.
It contains malls, one of the biggest of North Africa and luxurious national and international shops where you can find on the Mohammed V avenue, authentic place for administrative buildings and the malls of the new town. You will also find various companies in selected areas like the one of Agdal which is very busy.
You will also find numerous restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine, like bars and various shows.

Place of interest:
The Hassan Tower: It is located in the North East of the city, near the mausoleum of Mohammed V and on the border of the river Bouregregen. It is one of the most important places to visit in Rabat. It is a project undertaken by the sultan almohade Yacoub el-Mansour in 1197 that said at this moment that it was the greatest city of the entire empire of Morocco; it should have been high of 80m. but finally remained unfinished, stopping the tower at 44m. This famous tower is the "sister" of the Giralda of Sevilla and of the Mosque Koutoubia of Marrakeck. The idea was to go past its two sisters, but this tower was without any doubt too big with regards to the population that was in Rabat at this time and was not finished when Yacoub el-Mansour died in 1199.
The Mausoleum of Mohammed V: Located near the Hassan Tower, it is separated by centuries of distance. It started with the construction of the Mausoleum Mohammed V in 1962, in honour of the sovereign that leaded Morocco to its independence. More than 400 craft workers helped in making this majestic work, in which you will find an immense room worked in details: in its centre you will find graves in onyx, made of polished ivory looking like authentic mirror, the roof covered with green gable in honour of the Moroccan flag.
Kasbah of the Oudaia: located in the North of the town, close to the river Bouregreg, it is a visit that is recommended if you are in Rabat; the Kasbah of the Oudayas is a hidden place where you will spend an exceptional afternoon.
The Medina: The construction of this precious medina is from the 12th century. The medina of Rabat can not be as big or exotic as the one from Casablanca or Fez but it offers in exchange the possibility to walk without being hassled, as Rabat is the more an administrative city than a touristic one. This can maybe be at your benefit if you really want to know an Arab city. In this medina, you can speak freely with the people without being hassled.
The Royal palace and its great Almohades walls: Surrounded by its own great walls, it is generally open to the circulation and takes up the south part of the city then the rest of the town is surrounded by bricks. Inside of the surrounding wall there are a school, a round of golf, barns and residential apartments, as well as the government ministries, offices of the council and the Supreme Court.
The Chellah Necropolis it is located in the south of the roman city of Sala. The Merinides built this necropolis in the 14th century, for the sultans’ merinides to be buried in it. In the necropolis of Chellah, you will feel a pacific atmosphere; you will be in a deep state of peace in which you will be able to admire the bluish and multicoloured minarets that seem guarding the walls.


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