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Ancient pirates den, mosaic of culture and influences, economic center of the Kingdom of Morocco, city of reference for artists and designers, dynamic and well orientated toward the future... The actual Morocco, is a moving country. It is the town the greatest and the most populated city of the country, economic capital of the country with some 5 millions inhabitants. It is located on the Atlantic coast, at 80kms. In the south of the capital, Rabat its port is one the most important of Africa. The town is very active and is without any doubt, the most modern of the country.

Always partially surrounded by great walls, the ancient medina is the original location of Casablanca. Crossing its streets and small shops, we are discovering the traditional atmosphere and some thousands offices.
It is one of the most frequented cities of Morocco, by the tourists and also by the Moroccan, so half of the people in the city are coming as tourist. It has an international airport in which it is normal to stop before continuing our way to other cities of Morocco such as Fez or Marrakech. It also counts as the biggest port of Africa.

The urban population of Casablanca is gathering around at night, especially week ends. The fashion restaurants and pubs are on the sea side. The atmosphere is so cosmopolitan that it is easy to find a sushi restaurant as well as a Moroccan restaurant; later in the night, clubs are opening their doors. From techno sounds to the last oriental single: everybody get what they want. Just out of curiosity you can have a drink in a coffee shop converted as the one of the movie "Casablanca".

Places of interest:

Mohammed V square or United Nations square (since 1991):
It is located between the ancient Medina and the modern areas. Highlights between the buildings conceived in the Hispano-Muslim styles or the "Moorish" style. There is the Justice court and the Prefecture (with its tower of 50m high), the French consulate, the Post office building and the Bank of Morocco; on the square, where the main streets of the city are. You can find luxurious shops, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels; this impressive square is the centre of the public administration.

The old Medina:
Protected in part by its fortification dating from the 16th century, it emphasizes the doors of Bab Jedid and Bab Marrakech, the sanctuary of Sidi Kairouani, the Scala, or the mosque Ould and the Hamra. It is composed by a dynamic network and streets in which we can often find a small market.

The new Medina:
Or the Habu area: Its construction started in 1923 and highlighted its traditional architectural style. In this area we can find general stores, souks and craft industry workshop.
Great Mosque or Mosque of Dar el-Majzen: It is one the most emblematic building of Morocco from the 18th century.
Park of the Arab league and Park Yasmina: Both green areas located in the middle of this impressive city; the first whish is also the biggest is a Public Park that was inaugurated in 1918 and has a view on the Cathedral of the Sacred Hearted.

Mosque of Hassan II:
Its construction started in 1980 thanks to the architect Michel Pinseau and was inaugurated in 1993. It is the third most important of the world, with an architectural complex of 90.000 m2.
It has a capacity of welcoming 80.000 people, taking into account the patio and the minaret of 172 m. high that is also used as a lighthouse.

Church Notre-Dame de Lourdes:
Built by Danglaterre and Zimmer between 1953 and 1956, this building is found on the boulevard Mohammed Zerktuni.

Morocco a la carte
Morocco a la carte

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