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It is the city by Excellency of the sovereign Moulay Ismael, who was good as well as a tyrant. It looks proud by its majestic buildings and homely by its streets and small markets. It is a really captivating city and for those who can feel its rich historic past it could really surprise you.
The city centre is an agitated area, surrounded by its ancient buildings and great palaces. It is here that we can find products like oil, wine and cereals.
It possesses one of the medina the most patronized of Morocco. The El-Hedime square, located between the old city and the imperial part of the city, will accommodate the covered market, which is very busy in the evening: fakirs, storytellers, animal tamer and jugglers all create a singular atmosphere.
It can be seen as a Moroccan supermarket where we can acquire all type of articles, from gold to a simple carpet, passing by delicious olives.
On another side, it possesses a lot of restaurants, in the old as well as in the modern city, with various cuisines for everyone.

Places of interest:
The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismael: It is located near the medina and is one of the few mosque of Morocco in which non Muslim has the permission to enter. This is due to the fact that this mosque is not used for praying, it is only used as a mausoleum.
The Mosque Nejjarine: it is a mosque from the 10th century. It is located in the centre of the medina.
The Madrasa Bou Inania: is located in the centre of the medina. It is well known thanks to its extraordinary decoration in a mosaic form in terra cotta, plaster and sculpted wood dating from the 16th century. This school was constituted by the sultan Abu Hassan Marini between 1331 and 1351, it is actually composed of a beautiful garden and 26 screens or floors opening which was made in order to study the theology. If one day you would like to visit it, you have to know that from Medersa Bou Inanaia you can have impressive views on the medina of Meknes.
The Mausoleum of Cheikh El Kamel: built by Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah, it contains the grave of El Hadi Benaissa, father of the "Aissouai" confrery.

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