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Ouarzazate is the great door opening to the Great South where men know the science of water since the mist of time, where nature converts itself in a spectacle, where the palm grove and the dunes are succeeding where the architecture of the Kasbahs reinforce the necessity of stand up to the invaders...


Located at 1.488m. of altitude, Midelt is a particular rich zone with regards to archaeology. The fans of mineral will enjoy the presence of azurite, malachite, vanadinite, aragonite, the barytine, the chalcedony…and an ensemble of surprising coloured crystals that are extracted from a quarry and sold for a few dirhams.

Centre of interest:

Area of the Jamaa souk: is very busy at night with the fruits and vegetables merchants, of poultry, traditional herbalists, and hi-fi.
Textile workshop of the Franciscans sisters: it is located in the area of Midelt and is opened all days except Friday and Sundays. They realise a remarkable work. Note that you may find in the souk some merchants who will affirm selling products coming from the Franciscans sister however you have to be careful as it is often a false copy of the sisters' work. You have to examine in details the napkins, as the price they offer is as well cheaper than the real price and so is the quality.



It is a very big village with buildings of colour ochre that are from the French army period. They came in 1917 to guard the doors of Tafilalet, one of the most pacific regions. It is one of the most important oases of the country and marked the beginning of the desert, the beginning of an unforgettable journey through the sand dunes. You will feel a special attraction when you will see "the men in blue" and when you will cross the tourists back from their trip from the dunes.

Places of interest:

The Borj: It is located at 1km on the way to Mergouza. It is a military territory at 937 m. of altitude; you will enjoy a magnificent view over the palm grove and the desert on days of no sand wind.
Marble factory of fossils: is located right at the end of the town, you will know everything you need to know about the cephalopods fossils that are in the rocks. This is without any doubt the beginning of the planet Earth's story, when life outside water did not exist, 350 millions years ago. You will also see roses of the desert of all kind, real, nice and less nice...


It is a really nice city located near the dunes of Erg Chebbi and some of them are 250m. high. They change colour in function of the day light. At this height you will enjoy walks on camels back, riding a quad....
Thanks to the abundant water in Mergouza, it permits the smooth development of agriculture during all seasons of the year, thanks to a very clever irrigation system built by its inhabitants; it works for more than a century.

Places of interest:

Erg Chebbi: is without any doubt the centre of interest of the region. It is an immense mountain of sand of about 27km long and 7km large and is the result of the disintegration of the ground by torrential rain during the quaternary. It is very pleasant to appreciate the fresh morning from the top of the mountain and contemplate the landscape that is offered to us.
Taouz: is located in the south and this is where you can enjoy a bath of sand. In summer, many Moroccan come here to fight against rheumatism thanks to sand bath that apparently are efficient if you can stay one hour buried until the neck.


It is the first imperial city of the country's history, and the cradle of the Alaouite dynasty that now belongs to the royal family. It was in its time, the ancient economic capital of Morocco.
It is actually a small city at the doors of the desert that have a tedious past and only has an adobe wall.

Places of interest:

The Souk: The Tuesdays and Sundays. You will be able to contemplate the hundred donkeys and various craft objects.
Museum of the Ksar El Fida: it is at the end of the city. It is a traditional residence that actually has the function of museum that give you the opportunity to discover the way of living of a pacha, with its great rooms, hammams and impressive wooden roofs.


It is known for its palm grove on the richest of Morocco. Here the Jewish community is still present; we have to recognise their art for confectioning jewellery in silver. The town is located at 1432 m. of altitude and the winter nights are quite cool and quite warm in summer.

Places of interest:

The palm grove: It is interesting to walk and discover the men working in the orchard, close to the irrigation canal, even if the most interesting is to walk during the first hours of the day before the sunrise. You will be surprised by the daily routine of the people of this region
Ancient village Ait El-Haj Ali: it is more known for its Jewish area where architecture in adobe its atmosphere and shops are very emphasized. Here you could be invited to drink some tea, to a henna session or to picturing the women working on the weaving.
The legend says that a long time ago, a sedentary man that pass through them hit a rock with its stick, making water flows. He hit again and then fishes appeared, this is why no one fishes in this place, it has been converted as a sacred place.
Entering in the gorges, quite large, you will be able to contemplate the narrowness of the gorges dig into the mountains by the water that nearly reached 300m. High.


It is the meeting point of two splendid valleys, the Dades and the Draa and is located at the border of the Great South on the road that leads to endless spaces of dunes and oasis. Those are the same routes that attract filmmakers, hikers or rally lovers.
The industry of the "7th Art" has been established here in the same studios in the 80’s, finding a natural and adapted setting for the great historic works such as "Gladiator" as well as cheap workforce.

Places of interest:

The Kasbah of Taourirt: declared World Heritage site by UNESCO is one of the many residences of Madani El Glaoui, great Vizir of the past century. The ensemble is a "ksar" or fortified ensemble and occupied, communicating by a network of streets. The building of its residence has been restored progressively and each time, it is possible to visit more rooms, including some of them that are particularly well decorated.
3rd March square: exceptional nights in summer particularly well enliven.
The Atlas studios: visits are allowed out of shooting and its costs about 50 dirham. It is located at around 3km of Ouarzazate. The day light is exceptional in this zone all year, and on top of that it is naturally decorated. You will be able to see many extras...The whole set is an ideal ensemble for the creation of the cinematographic studios. The visit longs around 30 minutes.


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