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Cultural capital of Morocco, religious centre, imperial, immemorial, impressive, heiress of the Andalusia culture, place blessed by gods, as fascinating as mysterious; Three cities in one: the ancient the semi ancient and the modern, similar to stops in the time.
It is the third important city of Morocco; in fact it was three times the capital city. It is considered like the most religious, spiritual and cultural of the country.
Fez is very traditional and did not have changed a lot through the time; this is why it is one of the most medieval and sensorial of the world.
It daily life will surprise you, the atmosphere of its squares, the children playing in the streets, the donkeys wandering about in the streets.
The medina of Fez El Bali (the ancient area, between the great walls) was declared Site of World Heritage by UNESCO in 1981.
In the old town, some ancient squares are converted into restaurants. Some restaurants offered diner including shows.

Places of interest:
Mosque of El-Qaraouiyyîn: The mosque Karaouiyine is located in the centre of the medina, in town (Fez Bali) in the old district of the kairuani ; This splendid mosque was built in 857, but was renovated in 2007 and is actually one of the greatest and prestigious for Morocco and for the Occidental world.
Museum of the Batha palace: The museum Dar-Batha is located near the beautiful madrasa Bou Inania (in Arab, it is a religious school controlled by the Islamic authorities) in the city. In the museum Dar-Batha you will find a great collection of ceramic that has the reputation of being the nicest of Morocco.
If you are in Fez, and having visited all the incredible places that the city offers, you will wonder what to do next? Well, you could always walk in the museum Dar-Batha to admire some rare pieces of this magnificent collection that is generally used as background to decorate "the blue of Fez" mixing geographic designs with trendy infinite variances.
Mosque of the Andalusia: The mosque of the Andalusia is located in the area of the Andalusia, very close to the ancient area of the city « Fez Bali » in Morocco. The mosque of the Andalusia was built between 859 and 860 after JC and is characterised by its beautiful green and white minaret and its precious cobblestones patios in marble and onyx.

The tannery: For a lot of tourist, the most interesting experience is the visit of Fez and to see, from the heights, the tanners' workshop. The smell is very strong however the visit is really not to miss.
The Merinides graves: The Merinides graves are located in the north of Fez el Bali, outside the medina, in the imperial city of Fez, in Morocco; The Merinides is a must see if you are in Fez, from those graves you will be able to admire the beautiful dunes from the city.
Fez el Bali (the medieval Medina of the town): the medina of Fez, known under the name of Fez el Bali, is located in the city centre of this sumptuous city. In this splendid median, you will progress in a complete medieval atmosphere; it is full of tangled streets, adorable mosques and medersas (equivalent of Madrasas "religious schools") where you will find liveliness at any time of the day. In fact, the medina was built in the 13th century and is still conserving all its charm, and has also been declared site of World heritage by UNESCO.

Fez el Jedid (the new Medina of Fez): Fez the new or « Fez el Jedid » is located in the town centre. The part the most famous of Fez el Jedid is nothing more than an extension made by the Meriden's that came to power of this same town in the 13th century. Finding this city too small for containing their palace, they decided to build Fez el Jedid outside the town, that later will give birth to superb gardens, new mosques, souks etc.
The Mullah: located in the heart of Fez is inside of what we know of Fez el Jedid. The Mullah is the Jewish district, still very active, in its streets; the goldsmiths have established their shops giving liveliness to this place. Furthermore, you will find near the Mullah, with the small Mechouar other places that are to see and visit if you are in Fez.

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