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   »  Tour of the argans (7 days)
You will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel.

After breakfast we will travel to Essaouira, enjoying the beautiful landscape. Before arriving at Essaouira, we will go through Mogador which was an ancient Portuguese fortress as well as a prison. It is a very busy city with a very nice medina and typical local fish's restaurants.


We will have our lunch at Essaouira and then, we will travel to the South bordering the coast. We will eat on the way. We will stop at Imouzzer, "welcome to the country of honey and Argan!" Fixed in the middle of a splendid and fertile valley, Immouzer is the city of the Berber tribe Ida Outanane.
At 61Km North of Agadir and above the mountains, you will admire multicoloured valleys. They are inviting you to discover them, with their argans, palms grove, almonds, junipers and olives. The oil is of a high quality and extracts Argan nuts which are often used in cooking but also in the cosmetics industry. Near Immouzer, you can easily rest in one of the natural swimming pool of Asif Tamraght Gorge as well as in the uadi Tinkert waterfalls (only used as a mine in winter). Another production of those rich lands is the honey, but also its own festivities in August.
Diner and overnight in hotel.

After breakfast, we will cross Agadir until Tiznit, very famous for its goldsmith's art. We will have lunch in the town and we will visit its medina.
Then, we will travel toward Tafraout, picturesque city and peaceful surrounded by Rocky Mountains and Argans trees.
Diner and overnight in hotel.

We will leave after breakfast for Taroudant, when we will first have lunch and then visit the city. In the afternoon, we will go to Tioute where we will assemble a bivouac in the middle of an oasis.

We will have our breakfast and then leave for Marrakech, going through the Atlas Mountains, where we will discover various Berber villages lost in the mountains. We will eat in one of those picturesque villages and follow our path toward Marrakech.
Diner and overnight in hotel.


Marrakech is without any doubt the most exotic city of Morocco.
It always was special. The Arab poets called her "the pearl of the South, drawn by the Atlas" She is also called "the red city" o "the city of the gardens". In winter, we can admire the snowy peaks of the Atlas on the south horizon and in summer the city is burning under the barren grounds. The mountaintop of the medina is the minaret of the Koutoubia (mosque of freedom) The SOUK is a labyrinth full of small and dark streets that looks like tunnels, sometimes letting a sunray appears through the bamboo roofs. Shops are next to each other and there is an ambient full of diverse sensations of all kind to experience.

The unknown smells and surprises that come at each street corner are impressive.

PLAZA JMA EL FNA, is the busiest place of interest of Marrakech.
It is a place where everybody gathers around and is big enough to cater them. Located between the souk and Koutoubia, where during the day, illusionists, snake charmers, drinks retailers and fakirs are here for your entertainment.

Everything is possible here: take a tooth out, predict your good fortune or tattoo your arms with henna.
The scenery changes at around 5pm. From all part of the square, you will see people with kitchen kits fitted with tables, chairs, and tarps to become the best fast food you will ever find, you will be able to eat: couscous, barbecues, salads, soups, pastas and more.
We will be able to eat and visit around the square Jma el Fna, the Koutoubia, the medina etc.

Morocco a la carte
Morocco a la carte

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