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Agadir is a cosmopolitan city and is one of the main ports of Morocco. Agadir is well known for its endless beaches and its sun present 300 days a year, its luxurious hotels, converted in one of the most important seaside cities of the country.

The beach is one of the main attractions and is on over six kilometres of glazing and fine sand, intense blue water and a spectacular sunset.

Agadir is also one the main fishing port of Morocco, and furthermore, you can practise sports such as sailing, windsurf, horse riding or golf.

The city didn't get back its strength up to the French protectorate. The city centre represents the modern city with its large boulevards, its public parks and shops.

Places not to miss out:

Medina Coco Polizzi: located in the city centre, you will be able to walk in its sunny streets, as well as being plunged into a medieval atmosphere, where you will be able to taste from the authentic Moroccan food to the traditional mint tea; The antique medina of the city has been destroyed during the earthquake of 1960; this is for paying its respect that the medina Coco Polizzi was built. It was conceived by the architect and recreated the medina at the medieval image on a field of more than 4 Ares and refreshing artificial lakes overhanging authentic green areas. All houses were built with traditional material, silt, wood, stones... the visit hours are from 8:30 till 18:30 and the price is around 40 dirham for adults.

The Kasbah: is located on the height of a hill, it is the result of the earthquake and it stands still in memory of the disaster.

The port of Agadir: It was considered like the first port of sardines of the world and the rhythm of working is intensive all year. It is not a really important place but it would attract the curious and would give you the opportunity to complete the visit of this beautiful city.
You will be able to find along the port of Agadir, restaurants and bars where you will be able to taste plates of fried fishes dressed with lemon or tajines, in collaboration with the fishermen that liven up the city.

Morocco a la carte
Morocco a la carte

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